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My Story...

Hi, I’m Mindy and I am a dog-lovin', Mom-truck driving, Jeep obsessed, ballet dancing mom of two who is also the creativity behind Creative Phocus Photography & Design! I truly feel that capturing the precious moments of life takes more than framing a steady shot through a lens. As an artist with a degree from the Art Institute of York and more than 20 years of focusing on the details of positions, colors and light, I strive to create more than just outstanding photos. I design images that communicate a voice and style far greater than the cliche of being worth 1,000 words, rather those times that last forever.

After years of detailed advertising and production work for one of the nation’s largest publishing companies, I broke away to start my family. It was a powerful moment in my life, I found myself happier and seeing things in a new light than ever before. The lines and shapes on film and paper came to life in the gestures of my children. Although my capacity for seeing life as art had always been my inspiration, I now saw art as life through the energy of my own creations.

This experience also gave me the opportunity to step away from the shackles of corporate life and develop my creativity to its fullest. The chance to be a full-time stay-at-home-mom gave me the ability to focus on the need for creating exceptional, artful photographs that my children could share for generations to come. And through the past 9 years, I have been able to make my life-long dream come true and I am honored to be able to share my abilities with others and create timeless photos for other families and generations to cherish.

I offer professional photography services to individuals and families for personal portraits; couples recently engaged; mothers-to-be; newborn babies; growing children; and other services to fit individual needs.

Although my passion is vintage props and heirloom flair, I am not limited to any specific photographic style. I have a large selection of props to chose from, but if I don’t have it, I will do my very best to make your vision a reality! I love the feel and warmth I get from a natural light photo shoot and will photograph at any outdoor location we can dream up, but I am also very proud to offer a full-service photography studio for those who wish to have their images captured indoors, particularly in the winter months when children will feel more at ease in the warmth of my studio. I feel my images come alive with vibrant colors and a buttery smoothness that reminds you of a finely painted portrait from long ago made from today's modern technology. 

Because I know, it’s not just about the pictures my clients will take home. It’s about the reflection of those images in the hearts of people in them.


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